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The straps of the replica watches you sent have a space for keeper/loupe. The rubber on the strap is moulded for this purpose. It just has been missed when putting the replica watches together. Please check again. I attach photo of strap with moulded rubber. If you cannot send me the keeper/loupe then send me a new replica watches sale rubber strap. There is no point of having the replica watches without a working strap. Here is a picture of what it should look like. The replica watches sale you sent me is exactly the same but without the 2 x keeper/loupe. I would like to make a complaint with regards the above order. The details are regarding the strap of replica watches sale watch. All emails and reminders are below. If the company does not want to give me what I have ordered or a replacement replica watches sale I will need to contact my credit card company to complain and cancel order and payment. I am also willing to except another strap of the replica watches sale. For example: strap on model 55-55976 leather strap with deployment buckle.

I have tried emailing you for a while now. Replica watches were ordered on 2nd May. No contact from you since then. Three reminders have been sent. If there is no resolution, you leave me no option than to cancel my replica watches order with you and complain to credit card company. If there is a delay, I understand but tell me. But not responding is showing lack of business respect. I will wait another day for your reply, if not you will force me to take action. I have just received the replica watches and this replica watches sale(20_20428) has no "Keeper / Loupe" on the strap. I attach a photo for you. As you know there should be 2 x Keeper / Loupe. One with "Seamaster" written on it and the other with " Omega" written on it. Can you please send me these as I can remove strap and have it fitted. Please send this urgently as I am waiting before making another replica watches order. The replica watches sale does not close properly without the keeper/loupe. No point on 20% if I can't use this replica watches sale.